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Five Sex Positions to Try When You’re Stressed

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

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#1) The Plow

The plow is just like it sounds–allowing you to plow out your frustrations with your mate can be oh-so-relaxing, rewarding, and stress relieving. Why it works: You don’t have to do anything except get into position and enjoy, but the really deep penetration is a total game-changer. It’s enough to make you forget whatever was bothering you.

#2) Yab-yum

Never heard of it? We haven’t either until researching this topic. But chances are you’ve heard of tantric or tantrify sex? Tantric sex is a play that’s been slowed down tremendously and infused with a hearty dose of spirituality, breathwork, and intense eye contact (called eye-gazing). This position is like the tantrify version of the lotus sex position. How to do it: “The penetrating partner sits on the floor with their legs crossed, then the receiving partner sits on their lap facing them, legs wrapped around their partner’s back.” Apparently, this aligns with your genital chakras. (If hip or knee flexibility makes sitting cross-legged uncomfortable, she says either partner can plant their feet on the floor.) “Place your hands on each other’s hearts and sync your breath,” she says. After 21 in-sync breaths, “you’ll feel incredible like your stress is melting away. ”Why it works: The intense nature of the orgasm that comes from tantric-style sex is what anyone needs to let off more than just steam (wink, wink).

#3) Coital alignment

Another elevated cousin of missionary, coital alignment encourages you to keep your pelvis a bit below your penetrative partner and bend your knees so they’re up by your arms. How to do it: If you’re a woman, scoot down a little bit lower than your lover and then hike up your knees. Your partner can either hold your knees or you can hold them back for maximum penetration. Why it works: This one guarantees a good amount of action for the clitoris — which is something we can always get behind, or in front of, or on top of.

#4) “Fork You” Spooning Position

This position is the epitome of how sex can help relieve stress. It shows that skin-on-skin contact and being held in an embrace full of warmth and love can be beneficial for you. Getting into this position releases a load of endorphins and cuts the level of high cortisol. How to do it: Both the partners need to lie on their sides, facing in the same direction. Slightly bring your knee up to provide your partner with some exposure to enter you. Your partner can slide in you from behind while firmly holding you.

#5) Doggystyle

Last, but certainly not least, Doggystyle is an old “go-to” favorite. Why? Because it accomplishes a number of things: it lets the submissive position not only be creative and submissive but can also be dominant too. How to Do It: You get onto your hands and knees with your legs slightly separated, while they kneel in between you and enter you from behind. Don’t be shy — you can use your free hand for some clitoris play. Why it works: It’s a great stress buster and this is the best position to let them go for it. And pardon my French, but sometimes you just want to get f*cked.

My Readers if you want to know more about Tantric Sex, please go to my Podcast page. There are at least two, maybe three podcasts that deal with Tantric Sex. Take a listen. Let me know what you think.

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