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Book Two is Ready for YOU!!! Tell me how you like it cause I want to please you.

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Hello Loves, I’ve completed book two in an eBook format and it is ready for you! I am setting up an easy payment situation. Details this coming week.

Here’s a sample.

Baby, my pussy is talking to me, and I want you to talk back to her. Now. Please. Let’s nasty now and make love later, ok? “I know just what you need and I’m here to give it to ya.” My man picks me up and carries me to my bed and lays me down. He looks deeply into my eyes and then looks down at my pussy. “Please, baby, just for a little.” “Spread for me, then. I’m hungry.” He goes right for my clit and licks me lavishly, pulling on my clit, vigorously licking with his head crashing into my thighs as he bobs his head side to side. He can tell from my groans that it’s good. He flips me onto my stomach and with very quick motions, he’s out of his pants and his dick is deeply planted within me. I raise my ass so I can have leverage and then we dance. He pounds me and I meet him thrust for thrust.

When he knows I’m close, he quickens the pace, and the thrusting is beyond amazing. I’m going to burst. I tell him so. “Are you ready? “Yes, Baby. Do me, take me there.” Chile, the pounding is fast and furious, and my man is taking me to another place. I come with a crescendo of cries and tears. “Are you ok, Cakes? Are you good for now?”

When I can catch my breath, I answer him. “Yes, Honey. I’m good for now. Thank you.” He chuckles. “The pleasure was mine. You’d do it for me.” Sweet Goodness, it is wonderful to be understood.

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