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Erotica Consultations

So…What is erotica?

Dictionary definitions run the gamut from defining erotica as art or literature dealing with an erotic theme to the more correct and useful definition that talks about works of art or literature designed to create/stimulate sexual arousal.

My interest in the erotic realm goes back  years. I find the sounds of the words, the descriptions of the actions, and the thoughts involved, fun to think about, and to say out loud. My goal is to foster a sense of permission and freedom to embrace the language and the feelings, openly, within the context of self or self with another. Why you ask? Great question.

It is my contention that good communication results in enriched and enhanced interactions. When it comes to sexual relations between consenting adults, or with oneself, the ability to embrace the sights, the sounds, the tastes, and the smells related to sex, enhanced by the freedom to express the joy freely, enhances the activities involved.

The biological terms we learned in school are perfect if you’re a teacher in a classroom. And most definitely, the proper terms are very appropriate if you’re a physician examining or discussing a situation with a patient. However, you and your partner settling in for some afternoon delights, now that’s a very different story.

My goal is not to tell you what words to use, but rather to unlock the barriers, if any, to thought, actions, and words, you might like to think, do, or say, but don’t feel comfortable, or allowed to do so.

I hope this  site will be a comfortable place to get information, to ask questions, and to exchange ideas. I can make time, if you want to talk.



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