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I offer a variety of courses, including Difficult Conversations about Race including Q&A, What's Culture Got to Do With It?, Spanish Conversation, and more. These courses are designed to help you expand your knowledge base and improve your ability to communicate in different languages.

The goal of my Difficult Conversations about Race course is to give you the skills you need to have conversations about race that are productive and respectful. I believe that these conversations are necessary for creating a more inclusive environment for everyone. In this course, we'll talk about the history of race relations in America from slavery to today; we'll discuss what racism looks like today; and we'll talk about how we can all work together towards a more equitable future.

In my What's Culture Got to Do With It? class, we'll talk about what culture is—and isn't—and how it affects our everyday lives. We'll also look at how different cultures interact with one another and how that can lead to conflict or misunderstanding.

If you're interested in learning Spanish or improving your Spanish-speaking ability, check out my Spanish Conversation class! Here, we'll cover basic conversational skills as well as topics like family life and social customs.


Dr. Monica is not just a teacher, she's an inspiration. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, and she's generous in sharing it with others. I highly recommend that anyone looking to get into courses with her. 

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