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Tell me what you like cause I want to please you

Updated: Mar 22

Hello Out There!

Forgive my silence, but I’ve been working on finishing my second book. Well. happy to say mission accomplished. The book will drop by the end of this month. I’ve included more topics/situations and male and female voices…which was a challenge for me. A common theme in Tell me how you like it cause I want to please you is communication. As a life-long educator, and now a writer too, my goal is to encourage healthy couples and individuals to embrace their sensuality and sexuality. In addition, I want to help folks communicate openly about their wants, likes, and dislikes so that intimate encounters will be not only enjoyable but also fulfilling.

Here’s a “taste” from the new book…Tell me what you like cause I want to please you.

He goes right for my clit and licks me lavishly, pulling on my clit, vigorously licking with his head crashing into my thighs as he bobs his head side to side. He can tell from my groans that it’s good. He flips me onto my stomach and with very quick motions, he’s out of his pants and his dick is deeply planted within me. I raise my ass so I can have leverage and then we dance. He pounds me and I meet him thrust for thrust.

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