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Where Do WE go from here?

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

The truth is that we, many of us, are prepared to move forward as Malcolm said, “By any means necessary.” The fact that so many here and around the world now appreciate the reality of what history and our ever-present reality have meant for our daily lives is heartwarming, but clearly not enough.

Reverend Sharpton’s eulogy for George Floyd hit the mark. We can be constructive and productive members of our communities, but you must get your knees off our necks.

YOU may not do the evil, but by your silence, you have condoned the evil. We won’t let this madness overwhelm us, and you must not either.

We cannot afford to get tired; neither can YOU. We need to have the difficult conversations:

What were we raised to think?

What did our experiences teach us?

Were there friends and acquaintances who reinforced the stereotypes, friends who didn’t?

What has it been like the past 12 years?

Confession time.

Where do WE go from here?

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