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Welcome To Doctor Monica's Corner and My Blogs Section

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Hello All! I am really excited to begin this opportunity to communicate with you. My blogs will involve a number of different topic areas: Erotica, Education, Aromatherapy, Cultural and Linguistic Competency, and much more. I have been on this earth for a long time and have lots of education and experience. In addition, I have a tremendous passion and commitment to share what I know. My writings on erotica are designed to educate and titillate, My first published book Pure Pleasure a Collection of Erotic Interludes is for sale in the Shop section of this site. The first book is written with a woman’s voice. The main theme is to encourage women to know their strengths, to understand the importance of embracing one’s sensuality and sexuality, and to enrich and enhance great sex between consensual adults. Go To My Books/Shop on this website If reading isn’t your thing, I’ve got podcasts on this site as well. For the moment, the podcasts focus on erotica. Podcasts on education topics and aromatherapy will soon follow. See the Podcasts section on this website. The education themes will focus on efforts to close the achievement gap for Black and Brown and other underserved youth. I will also be offering workshops on Cultural and Linguistic Competency-21st century skills necessary for success in a multilingual, multicultural environment. There will be other workshops on Difficult Conversations about Race. Information about those and others will be forthcoming on the Events pages, Spanish Conversation classes-online will also be available. No grammar!!! Just Talking! See the Events pages for info on this too!

Dr. Monica

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