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I'm Enraged. What About You?

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

The year is 2021 and the Georgia Legislature just voted to make it against the law to give water or a seat to someone waiting in line to vote. Not only that, but they have also taken it upon themselves to write sweeping legislation designed to curtail voting for mostly Black, Brown, the elderly, and the poor in Georgia.

Other Republican-led legislatures are promoting the same Jim Crow-like laws to keep people from voting. You must wonder the impact this will have on the White citizenry as well. While you’re at it, you might wonder about the 82 million who voted for Joe Biden and what they think about all of this.

What could possess Republicans to behave in such anti-democratic and un-American ways? A reasonable person might ask, “Don’t they know how this looks?” The whole world is watching this travesty.

The answer is they don’t care. They are operating out of fear in response to the browning of America, and the increasing numbers of People of Color participating at the ballot box. They tasted unbridled power under 45, and they want it back. All Americans need to understand they are willing to cripple the country, deny good and needed things for its citizens, just to thwart the Biden administration.

Sound familiar? They did the same to President Obama only the reason was that he was Black. They wanted to punish his rise to the White House and the Presidency. TThe plan was for him to fail regardless of the consequences to the American people. Who loves Obamacare now?

The die is cast. Ostensibly this is about Black and Brown. The reality, and it has always been so, is that what wounds one, wounds all. The original sin of slavery has tarnished our potential over generations. These folks are willing to continue that sin. This time around the elderly, many in the middle class (the working poor), all the poor, and the underserved will also feel the sting of betrayal.

The ball is in our court. Stay informed. Organize with a group or groups. Make sure you vote, regardless of the circumstances.

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