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Here's a Taste from Book 2...Anticipation

Updated: Mar 22, 2023


What is taking her so long to get here? I’ve been thinking about her since I woke up this morning. Been missing her. We talked several times on the phone today while at work. Each time my dick got so hard it hurt… I want that pussy-her pussy. She smells so good, musty-like, and her pussy juice is fabulous. I can’t get enough. She freaked me out once. I saw her tasting herself. I said, “Girl, what the hell are you doing?” She grinned that grin I love and said, “Making sure my stuff is just right for you Baby.” Man, I thought I could lose my mind. My dick got so hard I wanted her there and then. She is seriously looking out for me. Can you imagine? Thinking about that time made me check my watch again. Damn! Where is she? I hear the click of a key in the lock. Finally. She struts in with her sweet-ass self. She looks and smells fresh, like she’s come straight from the shower. Her skin is glistening sort of, and the aroma of her favorite Night Queen wafts in with her. Shit. My Girl is ready for me. I walk towards her to say hello and she opens her arms to embrace me. I give her a big hug and am very pleasantly surprised. She is naked under the dress she has on. Oh yes. She was worth the wait. We’ll have a great time tonight.

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