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Hard to think erotically when you're sad, right?

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

I’ve lost another friend. Fourth since the early part of this year. Each loss was caused differently, but each hit me hard, regardless of the age of the person who passed.

I’ve been trying to write to keep this book two endeavor going, but…

Today I was reminded of the night my grandma’s sister passed. I was visitng with the guy I was dating and we were deep into some great foreplay. The phone rang and I answered because it was my son, then a teenager. He informed me that my gran aunt had passed. My guy was amazingly supportive and let me know he understood if we couldn’t finish what we’d started. Through tears of pain and a deep sense of loss, I thought about it. She was gone. There wasn’t anything I could do that night. I’d travel to NY with the kids on the weekend.

Through tears I said, no let’s continue. He said let’s start over. And we did. And it was wonderful. The sex that night wasn’t about pleasure as much as it was about comforting and caring. I felt blessed that this man undertood all that and gave generously and well. I hope I did too. As we lay together afterward, he encouraged me to “Tell me about her.” I laughed and cried as I told him stories about my granaunt.

Later, as I was leaving to go home, I knew something meaningful had happened and I felt ready to handle the sadness of the days to come. Thanks again, Larry.

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