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Bridgerton is alive and well on social media.

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

The question I pose is what is the draw? Is it the extremely handsome male lead, the period costumes, the music perhaps, the sex? Social media conversations seem to suggest that the attraction and the enjoyment of the series are multigenerational.

I think there is another component. It occurs to me that reminiscences, and for some, perhaps hope for an opportunity to enhance their current relationship.

Think about these questions; how might you respond? I must tell you I had fun as the ideas came to me and I began thinking, what do others think? Am I right about this?

I hope to hear from you and then I’ll invite some willing guests to participate in a podcast and we can discuss this further.

When was the last time one of you gave instructions before or during a sexual experience?

  • How about this one? When was the last time where you asked if you liked something different that was done to you or for you?

  • When was the last time you were undressed by your partner?

  • Here’s another. How often do you have sex while outdoors?

  • Is just oral sex enough for you sometimes?

  • How about non-verbal foreplay, do you and your partner communicate that way sometimes?

  • And lastly, at least for now: How do you feel about pleasuring yourself in front of your partner?

I think it would be fun to sit with a group, virtual of course, to discuss the answers. Suffice it to say, the participants need not speak from personal experience. Don’t you think it could lead to an interesting conversation, exchange of ideas and opinions? Send me a note. Let me know what you think.

Be safe and well.

Dr. Monica

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